Our customer receives engine blocks from an investment casting foundry and machines them ready for assembly at the engine manufacturer. An intricate and complex procedure introducing oilways, porting, guides and machined surfaces to the engine block.

Post-machining the engine block must be absolutely free of all swarf and coolant residues. This is accomplished in an ultrasonic tank which incorporates high pressure jetting.

In this environment foam must be kept to a minimum. It is a nuisance and reduces performance. We were tasked with designing an ultra-low foaming medium for use in the tank – not easy considering the natural tendency of a detergent to foam under pressure, particularly in a soft water area.

We produced Bioplex LF.

Our laboratory tests show that Bioplex LF produces negligible foam that completely collapses within a minute.

  Bioplex LF @ 2%
Foam volume
Bioplex LF @ 4%
Foam volume
Standard @ 2%
Foam volume
Standard @ 4%
Foam volume
0 minutes 1 cm3 1 cm3 24 cm3 35 cm3
1 minute 0 cm3 0 cm3 20 cm3 30 cm3
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