Additionally, the cost of sustaining such a wide range of cleaning products and the logistical difficulties involved in monitoring stock levels around the city was getting too much for the university.

Health and safety details for each product also had to be stored and monitored to ensure products were being used correctly. With such a large range of products available to use, it was too easy for mistakes to be made, putting employees and university equipment at risk.

The university came to Eco-Point Labs looking for a multi-purpose cleaning solution that they could use to replace their current collection of cleaners and sanitisers.

We suggested Multifresh which was first trialled by the client before they made the decision to swap out all their current products for this simple and easy-to-use multi-purpose cleaner. Gentle enough to use on windows and upholstery, Multifresh also has a powerful disinfecting action and can be used in bathrooms and drains.

This single cleaning solution will be stocked on all sites across the university and will help to reduce costs and the potential hazards that come with stocking multiple products.

We’re delighted to have provided our client with a successful cleaning solution. Contact Eco-Point Labs today and see how we can help you.