On a majority of equipment, handles and grips are secured with double-sided tape. However, to install the grip, the adhesive on the tape must be neutralised to allows it to slide into place easily.

Our client, a manufacturer of sports equipment who is opening a brand-new manufacturing facility in the UK, needed a solution to improve the process of attaching grips and handles to their equipment.

The manufacturer came to Eco-Point Labs looking for a solution to their problem. As a leading developer and supplier of cleaners, lubricants and adhesive removers, our chemists were on hand to come up with a solution.

Using years of industry knowledge, the laboratory formulated Ecosol 550, a solution that temporarily neutralises adhesive. By applying Ecosol 550 to the grips and handles, our client can easily place them into the desired position. The quick evaporation feature then reinstates the adhesive for a secure hold. Crucially, the adhesive is not compromised during the procedure for a long-lasting grip.

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