Our customer is a major public transport hub currently consuming large volumes of hand sanitiser gel. They were quite rightly concerned about the potential fire risk of storing large volumes of product containing flammable alcohol.

Also of concern, for frequent users, was the potential problem of skin defatting and contact dermatitis promoted by solvent additives such as alcohol.
Ecopoint Laboratories proposed a trial of GelGuard Aqua from our sister company Chela to solve the problem. GelGuard Aqua is fully aqueous - alcohol and solvent free. So completely safe for transport and storage, and kinder on the hands too.

  • No alcohol or solvents
  • Gel based
  • User friendly skin conditioners
  • No sticky residues
  • Economical  
  • Combat Covid with GelGuard Aqua.
Tested against SARS-Cov-2/Covid 19
Exceeds BS EN 14476:2013 and A2:2019