Difficulties with liquid lubrication arise during initial start-up when bearing surfaces are dry, often resulting in damaged parts.

Our client operates in harsh marine environments and often suffer from the effects of start-up friction causing problems with their machinery. They required a lubricant that would reduce this friction on start-up, creating a smooth-running engine all year round.

At Eco-Point Labs, we have a range of products suitable for various markets and already had a solution in mind when we were approached by the client.

We recommended Lubron Ecotef, a lubricant that incorporates PTFE solid lubricant into the solution. The PTFE coats the bearing surfaces with a solid lubricant that does not run dry during down-time. The permanent solid lubricant is then ready to provide effective lubrication on start-up, regardless of the environment.

Lubron Ecotef also helps to prevent the corrosion of nuts, bolts and screws as well as internal wire ropes and other metal-based parts.

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