Glue Removal

Where are adhesives used?
Adhesives are a major part of modern assembly. Apart from the obvious – packaging – many finished goods increasingly complement traditional fasteners with adhesives. These uses range from vehicle assembly, to consumer goods, through to construction.


What issues are there with adhesives?
Adhesive residues need to be removed prior to final inspection, and must be done quickly, efficiently and safely.

What are the types of adhesives?

Cyanoacrylates.  Commonly used to solvent weld plastics such as polycarbonates. Once cured cannot be removed.

PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate). Better known as wood glue. Commonly used to glue non-porous materials such as wood and some cardboards. During curing excess can be removed with soapy water, but once cured cannot be removed other than mechanically.

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). Better known as hot melt. The best known, most versatile, most efficient adhesive. EVA does not cure. Large excesses can be removed mechanically, then other residues and machine cleaning by use of safer chemical means. Wipe/spray on, allow to soak, wipe off.


Are there any other adhesive applications? 

Yes! The adhesive chemistry used in sign and label manufacture is similar to EVA. Signs and labels can be quickly removed and freed of adhesive using Meltasol from EcoPoint Laboratories, such as label application and manufacturing equipment, rollers and conveyors.