There are different types of degreasers for industrial use and we explain the types in our previous article.
The spray mechanism of a degreaser spray makes it easy and efficient to use. Take a look at some of the common uses of our degreaser spray below.

1. Degreaser spray for automotive maintenance

Degreasers are widely used in automotive workshops to clean engine parts, machinery, and tools. They effectively remove built-up grease and oil from engines, transmissions, brake parts, and other automotive components.

2. Kitchen Cleaning

In commercial kitchens and food processing facilities, degreasers are essential for removing grease and food residues from stovetops, ovens, grills, range hoods, countertops, and kitchen appliances. Keeping grease build-up in commercial kitchens to a minimum is essential for a number of reasons:

- To reduce the risk of fire
- To reduce the risk of injury
- To reduce the risk of vermin infestation
- To prevent plumbing issues when grease hardens

The Food Standards Agency highlights that food preparation surfaces must be maintained in a good condition, be easy to clean and disinfected.

3. Cleaning industrial equipment with degreaser spray

Degreasers are used in industrial settings to clean machinery, equipment, and manufacturing surfaces. They help maintain equipment performance and prevent the build-up of grease and oil, which can lead to operational issues and safety hazards.

4. Workshop and garage applications of degreaser spray

Degreasers are useful for cleaning tools, workbenches, garage floors, and other surfaces in workshops and garages. They can effectively remove grease, oil, and other contaminants from tools and equipment and keep your equipment in prime condition.

5. Degreaser spray for commercial and industrial facilities

Degreaser sprays are used in commercial and industrial facilities, such as restaurants, factories, and warehouses, to clean floors, walls, equipment, and machinery. They help maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards while preventing the build-up of grease and grime.

6. Marine and aerospace applications

Degreasers are used in marine and aerospace industries to clean engines, components, and surfaces exposed to grease, oil, and other contaminants. They help ensure the performance and safety of critical equipment and systems.

7. Maintenance and repair

Degreasers are often used during maintenance and repair tasks to clean parts and components before inspection, repair, or assembly. They help remove grease and oil buildup, allowing for better visibility and access to components. This will also help speed up the maintenance and repair process, making it much more efficient.

Eco-Point’s degreaser spray

Our degreaser spray, Zip Clean, is the complete degreasing solution in an aerosol. A blend of powerful, fast-drying hydrocarbons in a high-flow aerosol package make this degreaser spray ideal for a range of applications, including removing grease and oil from bearings, chains, runners, wire ropes, machinery, brake parts and more.

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