Hot melt glue is a strong and low-hazard product which is why it is so widely used in industry; however, residue is often left behind on equipment and apparatus which can reduce their efficiency.

Due to the frequency in which this happens, it is important to have an effective and safe hot melt glue remover to use. Meltasol is a water-free, non-flammable, safer alternative, hot melt glue remover which can also remove tar and other sticky residues. It's composition has been designed to soften hot melt glues, making them easy to peel or wipe-off, with no specialist equipment. Taking just a few minutes to work, Meltasol is a fast-acting hot glue remover that's powerful yet non-hazardous.

Over the years, we've supplied hot melt glue removers to clients across all industries. Our flagship product, Meltasol is one of our favourites, suitable for a range of tough applications. We recently helped a client who was in a bit of a sticky situation and needed an effective cleaning solution.

If you're interested in finding out more about our hot melt glue removers, or to discuss any of our other products in stock, you can get in touch with a member of our sales team today.