As their name suggests, degreasers are cleaning products designed to remove oils and greases from a particular part or product. Whether as part of your routine cleaning or in preparation for product assembly, they can play an essential part in cleaning and maintenance, especially for machines that need grease or lubrication to run effectively.

Effective degreasers

Whilst there are many tutorials online about creating your own degreasers, none of these are intended to tackle anything more challenging than a domestic oven.  Whilst it may seem obvious that heavy-duty machinery will have wildly different degreasing requirements, there are many other components to consider, such as soil makeup, build-up, and surface properties (metal, glass, skin, etc.). For a degreaser to be truly effective, it needs to be adapted to the specific function.

It stands to reason that the worse the grease, the more hazardous the chemicals used in the process. This is becoming increasingly more of an issue with regards to the climate situation, as well as for general safety practices and procedures regarding human contact or corrosive metals. This is where Ecopoint comes in. As a specialist manufacture of safer-replacement cleaning and maintenance products, we’re here to advise you on and provide you with safer products that still deliver an exceptional clean.

Degreaser manufacturing process

When considering degreaser manufacture, you first want to determine what kind of soil you are looking to remove. Grease can take many forms and structures, and using and developing products specifically designed to interact with and dissolve these structures is an essential part of the degreasing process.

Because of this, degreasers are generally split into two groups: aqueous (water-based) and solvent, each interacting with soil in different ways to ensure an effective clean. Aqueous degreasers will react with soil to make it water-soluble, allowing it to be effectively removed with water after application, while solvents actively work to break down the chemicals of the soil itself. The latter of these is the harsher solution but can be the most practical for heavy-duty applications and targeted cleaning.

How do you make a heavy-duty degreaser?

Homemade degreasers are becoming increasingly popular. While they may have their uses in the domestic sphere, industrial applications really ought to benefit from specially-derived formulas for maximum efficiency and results.

Ecopoint has developed a range of degreasers suitable for heavy-duty use including Extrasol, which provides an efficient, effective clean for demanding applications. We also have a range of services in product development and manufacture so can offer a bespoke solution by creating a product that specifically works for you.

We would always advise partnering with a specialist laboratory for the development and manufacture of your heavy-duty degreaser.

As a specialist manufacturer of safer replacement cleaning and maintenance products, Ecopoint has developed a range of aqueous and solvent-based degreasers (as well as some semi-aqueous) suitable for a variety of applications. We are dedicated to providing the safest solutions with our performance-driven products. Explore our product range now, or get in touch with us directly to talk to our experts about the most suitable product for your application!