Duron Aquashield EP38

High performance no.2 extreme pressure waterproof / water displacing grease 

A premium long life grease for use in all high load anti-friction and plain bearings subjected to high load and extreme water contact, even saturated.  

    •    Waterproof
    •    Water displacing, can be applied to saturated surfaces
    •    Extreme pressure (EP) additives for high load applications
    •    Excellent mechanical stability
    •    Excellent oxidation stability
    •    Virtually nil oil separation (bleeding)
    •    Excellent sealing
    •    Wide range of applications – Bearings, friction plates…to surface protection


Method of Use



Effective even in rain, sleep, snow and submerging. 
Aquashield can be applied by hand, or by using a standard grease gun (400gm cartridges available), or via a central lubricating system capable of pumping an NLGI No.2 grease. Can be applied directly onto wet surfaces.
Colour                                                                    Brown 
NLGI classification  No. 2 
Water resistance (DIN 51807)  Fully resistant
Dynamic corrosion resistance (IP 220)  0:0
Timken load (IP 236) 20kg 
Drop point (IP132)  250C min 
Operating temperature range  -20 – 150C
Four ball weld (IP 239) 315kg
Copper corrosion (IP112) lb shell
Water washout (IP 215)    1.8% 

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