Duron Multip 2 EP27

High performance no.2 lithium grease fortified with ptfe solid lubricant 

Duron Multip 2 from Eco-Point Laboratories is a high-performance universal technical grease containing corrosion inhibitors, water displacing agents and ptfe. 

The remarkable lubrication properties of ptfe combined with our unique manufacturing process means that Duron Multip 2 will protect and lubricate in areas where other products fail. 

ptfe solid lubricant provides a dry film boundary layer to the bearing surface, greatly reducing start-up friction and enhancing slow speed lubrication. 

Eco-Point Laboratories utilise the smallest possible ptfe particles, along with optimised morphology, to maximise solid lubricant performance and durability. 
Duron Multip 2 with ptfe lubricates and protects. 

    •    Excellent mechanical stability
    •    Excellent oxidation stability
    •    Virtually nil oil separation (bleeding)
    •    Excellent sealing
    •    Wide range of applications – Bearings, friction plates…to surface protection


Method of Use



Wide rang if applications from bearings, friction plates…to surface protection
Colour    Cream
Worked penetration (IP50) 265-295
NLGI classification  No. 2
Drop point (IP132)  180C min
Operating temperature range  -20 – 140C
Mineral oil content  88%
Copper corrosion (IP112) Negative
Aluminium corrosion (IP112)  Negative
Mild steel corrosion (IP112)  Negative
Water washout (ASTM D1264) 3% @ 38C, 4% @ 79C

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