Easy Off EP10

Low hazard adhesive label remover 

Easy Off! from Eco-Point Laboratories is the low hazard answer to the problem of quickly and safely removing adhesive labels from most surfaces. 

A blend of low volatility hydrocarbons and semi-aqueous solvents, Easy Off! immediately gets to work loosening and freeing the label, leaving a clean dry surface. 

Fast drying, water-free, non-flammable. Safer and faster. 

Safe for use on modern two-pack vehicle paint finishes. 


    Method of Use



    •    Decal changes on public service vehicles
    •    Redundant haulage labels
    •    Removing bulk container labels
    •    Stray production line labels
    •    Stray baggage handling system labels; airports and sea ports
    •    Removing racking labels
    •    Also suitable for removing tar, glue and other sticky residues.
    Paper labels – Simply spray a thin film of Easy Off! over the label, allow a short while to penetrate, then peel off. Quicker to spray several labels, then go back and peel off. 

    Plastic labels - Raise the edge of label or sticker, apply Easy Off! by sprayer or wipe and allow to penetrate the adhesive layer. Slowly peel label or sticker away applying more Easy Off! as required. 

    After label or sticker has been removed, wipe away any residual adhesive with Easy Off! and a cloth. 
    Uncovered adhesive exposed to extended periods of direct sunlight may have hardened and be difficult to remove. Try extended soaking. 
    Clour Clear
    Odour Very mild
    Flashpoint >60C
    Density 0.85
    pH Not applicable
    Avoid use on rubber and soft plastics. Test on an unobtrusive area if unsure. 

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