Ecosol 60 RM241

Safer Solvent De-Greaser 

Ecosol 60 from Eco-Point Laboratories is the solvent of choice for all machine shops and maintenance facilities. 
A blend of long-chain hydrocarbons creates a product capable of removing the most stubborn oils and greases. 

    A safer alternative to traditional degreasers, Ecosol 60 contains no aromatics or halogens. 

    Powerful, very safe, almost odourless, non-flammable, very low evaporation rate…the perfect product for all parts washers. 

    Ecosol 60 requires no regulated storage conditions. 


Method of Use



  • Cleaning and degreasing machine parts
  • Cleaning tools
  • Degreasing of metals
  • Cleaning tar and bitumen from tools and equipment
  • Degreasing bearings
  • Cleaning electrical parts
  • Cleaning oil-soaked filters
  • Use for all types of cold cleaning applications
Apply by spraying, dipping, brushing or in a parts washer. 
Apply, allow to penetrate if necessary, then wipe clean if necessary. Use cold, do not mix with water. 
Avoid naked flames. 
Colour Clear
Flashpoint 62C
Aromatics <0.03%
Halogens Nil
Odour Very mild
Water miscibility  Not miscible

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