Ecotense 857

Low hazard floor cleaner 

Ecotense from Eco-Point Laboratories is a high-performance aqueous floor cleaner, the all-round answer for manual use and floor scrubbing machines. 

A blend of powerful surfactants, alkalinity builders and semi-aqueous solvents. Ecotense quickly, safely and efficiently brings the grubbiest floor back to life.
Works fast – rinses fast. 

    •    Very low foaming; so ideal for use in floor scrubbers. Will not cause cavitation damage to scrubber pump.
    •    Very low foam means very fast rinsing.
    •    Reduced down-time, increased workplace safety.
    •    Longer lasting alkalinity means Ecotense works on-and-on, even at low strength.
    •    Hot or cold.
    •    Safe for use on all hard floors.


Method of Use



Floor Cleaner
Scrubbing machines: 
Refer to machine instructions. Typically run at 2% strength, hot or cold. 

Manual use:
Light soiling 2% 
Heavier soiling, dilute as required up to 15% 
Mix with hot or cold water. Hot water will improve performance. 
Rinse with clean water and allow to dry. 
Colour Pale straw
Odour Very mild
Density 1
pH 10-12

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