Lubron Food Safe EP13 Food Safe Lubricant

Universal foodsafe lubricant with ptfe 

Lubron Foodsafe from Eco-Point Laboratories is a high-performance foodsafe universal lubricant containing penetrants, corrosion inhibitors, water displacing agents and ptfe. 

    NSF White Book registration 159120, category H1. 

    The remarkable lubrication properties of ptfe combined with our unique manufacturing process means that Lubron Foodsafe will penetrate, protect and lubricate in areas where other products fail. 
    ptfe solid lubricant provides a dry film boundary layer to the bearing surface, greatly reducing start-up friction and enhancing slow speed lubrication. 
    Eco-Point Laboratories utilise the smallest possible ptfe particles, along with optimised morphology, to maximise solid lubricant performance and durability. 
    Lubron Foodsafe with ptfe lubricates, protects, penetrates and frees. 

    If it moves – Lubron Foodsafe. 

    •    Strong penetrating action
    •    Removes moisture
    •    Leaves ptfe film to provide long lasting lubrication
    •    Penetrates and frees rusted nuts, bolts, screws etc.
    •    Excellent corrosion protection
    •    Stops internal corrosion in wire ropes etc.
    •    ptfe reduces "sticktion" on machinery start-up
    •    Belt and chain conveyers
    •    Bearings, chains, runners
    •    Wire ropes
    •    Sliding doors, slideways,
    •    All types of machinery


Method of Use



Universal Lubricant
For best results clean and remove old oil and grease before applying. Repeated thin coats are better than one thick coat. Spray or brush on. Allow time for penetration into wire ropes and cables. Heavily rusted and corroded cables and equipment need a longer time for maximum penetration. 
Apperance Amber liquid
Odour None
Density 0.830 kg/m3 ASTM D.941
Kinematic Viscosity 10 mm2/s ASTM D.445 @40o
Flash point >60 oC ASTM D.93 
Pour point -22C ASTM D97 

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