Mega Plus 254

Metal cleaner and descaler 

Mega Plus from Eco-Point Laboratories is the safer alternative to other hazardous fuming descaling products. A blend of biodegradable natural and inorganic acids specially developed to safely and quickly remove rust and scale from all types of metal – ferrous and non-ferrous. 

    Safer, faster. 

    Strong enough to descale – safe enough to remove stains from stainless steel food machinery. 

    Non-fuming, low odour. Much better than the aggressive harmful acids of the past. 

    Will not darken stainless steel. Will not blacken chrome. 


Method of Use



Metal cleaner and descaler
Simply brush, dip or spray on. 
Leave to penetrate then rinse off with clean water. 

Refurbish stainless steel/chrome 
Use at a strength of 10-20%, or as required. 
Rinse or wipe with clean water. 
Colour  Pale straw 
Density 1
Ph 2-3
Odour Very mild aqueous
Not suitable for descaling closed systems such as heat exchangers. 
For very sensitive soft and yellow metals it is prudent to test an inobtrusive area first. 

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