Meltasol EP10


Meltasol from Eco-Point Laboratories is the low hazard answer to the problem of quickly and safely removing hot melt residues from plant and machinery, tools and equipment. 

A blend of low volatility hydrocarbons and semi-aqueous solvents, Meltasol immediately softens EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) adhesives allowing residues to be peeled or wiped off. 

Fast drying, water-free, non-flammable. Safer and faster. 

Safe for use on all modern hot melt applicators. 

No Aromatics. No halogens. No acids. No alkalis. No fumes. No problem. 

    •    Hot melt machines
    •    Tools and equipment
    •    Also suitable for removing tar, glue and other sticky residues.
    •    Will also quickly remove paper and plastic labels


Method of Use



  • External surfaces of glue equipment
  • Tools contaminated with glue residues
  • Floors contaminated with glue residues
  • Removal of labels and decals from all types of vehicles
  • Removal of adhesive residues from labelling applications
For heavy deposits, scrape away as much hot melt as possible. 
Apply a light coating of Meltasol and allow to soak, this may take a few minutes. Wipe away residues. Repeat as necessary. 
Use cold. Do not mix with water. 

For adhesive removal, apply Meltasol to adhesive to be removed.
Allow to work for 1 to 5 minutes depending on amount of adhesive present. Do not exceed this time.
Wipe off with cloth.
Clean area with suitable detergent to remove any residue.

Colour  Clear
Odour Very mild 
Flashpoint  >60C
Density  0.85
pH Not applicable

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