Meltasol EP10


Meltasol from Eco-Point Laboratories is the low hazard answer to the problem of quickly and safely removing hot melt residues from plant and machinery, tools and equipment. 

A blend of low volatility hydrocarbons and semi-aqueous solvents, Meltasol immediately softens EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) adhesives allowing residues to be peeled or wiped off. 

Fast drying, water-free, non-flammable. Safer and faster. 

Safe for use on all modern hot melt applicators. 

No Aromatics. No halogens. No acids. No alkalis. No fumes. No problem. 

    •    Hot melt machines
    •    Tools and equipment
    •    Also suitable for removing tar, glue and other sticky residues.
    •    Will also quickly remove paper and plastic labels


Method of Use



  • External surfaces of glue equipment
  • Tools contaminated with glue residues
  • Floors contaminated with glue residues
  • Removal of labels and decals from all types of vehicles
  • Removal of adhesive residues from labelling applications
For heavy deposits, scrape away as much hot melt as possible. 
Apply a light coating of Meltasol and allow to soak, this may take a few minutes. Wipe away residues. Repeat as necessary. 
Use cold. Do not mix with water. 
Colour  Clear
Odour Very mild 
Flashpoint  >60C
Density  0.85
pH Not applicable

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