Oxysol RM218


Oxysol from Eco-Point Laboratories is a very low hazard solvent blend formulated for the safer removal of resins from all hard surfaces. 

Particularly formulated for epoxy resins. 
Leaves a clean dry finish. 
Water and solvent miscible. 


    An alternative to dangerous chlorinated solvents. 
    A replacement for extremely flammable solvents such as acetone. 
    A simple solution for all equipment and components contaminated with resins and polymers. 


Method of Use



Typical applications for Oxysol are the removal of casting resins, photo-resist coatings and fibreglass resins from all types of mixing and dispensing equipment, PCBs, electronic components, colour printing equipment and more.

Oxysol is also ideal for use in cleaning all types of hard surfaces such as floors, walls and workbenches where resins and polymers have been spilt.
Apply by spraying, dipping or wiping. Allow to soak then wipe dry. Rinse if required. Heavy deposits may require extended soaking, from a few minutes to overnight. Use cold, do not mix with water. 
Colour  Clear 
Aromatics <0.03%
Halogens Nil 
Odour   Very mild
Water miscibility Fully miscible

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