Print Clean Eco 5801


Print Clean Eco from Eco-Point Laboratories is an aqueous blend of surfactants, semi-aqueous solvents and corrosion inhibitors. Optimised for the safer efficient removal of stubborn inks from plant and machinery in the print room. 

Trays, kick plates, steel rollers, guides, chequer plate. High performance where you need it. 

The safer alternative to harmful flammable solvents 

    •    Print Clean Eco will remove heavy ink residues
    •    Safe for use on most hard surfaces.
    •    Compatible with all print room metals
    •    Non-flammable, no dangerous fumes.
    •    Contains corrosion inhibitors.
    •    VOC content nil


Method of Use



Ink Cleaner for use on most surfaces
Machine surfaces 
Light contamination. Wipe or apply light spray. Allow to penetrate. Wipe off. Trays, kickplates, guides and other demountable equipment. Tools. 
Best results by immersion. Allow to soak until an ink-free surface is achieved. Wipe dry. 
Use cold, do not heat. 
Use neat, do not mix with water. 
Colour  Pale yellow 
Density 1
VOC content Nil
Flammability Non-flammable

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