Product Development

We have always invested in research, development and technical service. The company has two laboratories and five full-time scientists with many years of experience and an impressive collective knowledge pool.

By carefully listening and applying our knowledge and experience we can either recommend suitable products from our wide range of existing formulations or develop new ones specifically to meet your needs. Using our dedicated computer programme, we can produce compliant safety sheets in many languages. Backed up with a vast range of stock raw materials and practical packaging solutions we can develop, manufacture and deliver a new product in a surprisingly short time.

Chemical Alternatives

Reduce your impact on the environment with solvent-free cleaning products that don’t compromise on cleaning power.

Hazardous Alternatives

By removing hazardous compounds from our base products, our cleaning solutions are a safer alternative to many products on the market.

Training and Planning

We invest heavily in training and planning to ensure we are on top of the market when it comes to developing new cleaning solutions.

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