Our partnership approach means that in addition to providing you with the right product we are there to provide you with full on-going support to assist you up to and beyond product delivery. A bespoke support package is created specifically for our client’s requirements and needs.

A standard support package would include:
  • A dedicated account management team
  • Quarterly reviews
  • On-going technical service – laboratory and field
  • Advice and guidance on changing legislation
  • Structured cleaning schedules
  • Advice on label design

Our technical service initiatives are all monitored and maintained in-line with a robust quality manual.
Eco-Point Laboratories recognises that the provision of a consistently high standard of product and service is the keystone to our success, reputation and the total satisfaction of our customers.

  • To set an outstanding quality of service and to set the highest possible standards within the cleaning chemical supply industry.
  • To identify objectives across the business aimed at continual improvement of the Quality System, Processes and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • To be resourceful and innovative in exceeding our customer needs and expectations.
  • To be open to new ideas and adaptive to change.
  • Business objectives shall be communicated and understood throughout the organisation.
  • To set achievable targets for our staff and sub-contractors.
  • To apply consistent standards throughout

The achievement of high quality and consistency calls for a systematic and disciplined approach by all employees in all activities associated with the customer’s requirements according to the principles of quality assurance and in compliance with ISO9001:2000.
Above all, we will always remember that our customers are the very purpose of our business and that our employees and standards of work are the means to satisfy those customers.


Chemical Alternatives

Reduce your impact on the environment with solvent-free cleaning products that don’t compromise on cleaning power.

Hazardous Alternatives

By removing hazardous compounds from our base products, our cleaning solutions are a safer alternative to many products on the market.

Training and Planning

We invest heavily in training and planning to ensure we are on top of the market when it comes to developing new cleaning solutions.

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