Multifresh is a blend of powerful surfectants and sanitisers which is strong enough to kill HIV, Hepatitis B and C and MRSA, yet gentle enough to clean upholstery and glass.

Like the client in our case study found, having many different products can be hard to store and maintain. Using a single multi-purpose cleaning solution (which can kill bugs, clean, reodourise and freshen in one application) makes it easier for large facilities to handle.

Whether it's a school, hospital, or warehouse, looking for a practical cleaning solution, Multifresh is the answer. Supplied neat, by diluting as required, Multifresh can be used across multiple applications. Use neat in drains, at a 10% solution for general use, toilets and sinks, or dilute further to 2-3% for a gentle fabric cleaner - there are no limits! You'll no longer need to stock multiple cleaners when you can use just one. 

To find out about Multifresh’s certification and the products it can be used to replace, please get in contact with a member of our sales team.