Silicon often migrates from the mould to floors, equipment and contact surfaces causing serious health and safety issues. Residues can also create major problems in subsequent paint processes and they are difficult to remove.

Our forward-thinking client decided to go against the grain and search for a non-silicon alternative to their current mould release agent. They tried and tested a number of generic products on the market, however, none met their needs and they came to Eco-Point Labs looking for a bespoke solution.

They explained their problem in detail, discussing exactly what they required from the new product. Our labs are fully equipped to handle such enquiries and the team got to work on creating an alternative product for our client to use.

We formulated a synthetic non-silicon mould release which addressed all of the issues faced by the client with the benefit of exceptional performance.

The client was extremely happy with our solution and continue to stock this bespoke mould removal agent for their on-going processes.

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