Effectiveness of professional cleaning products

Effectiveness is one of the main factors you might consider when purchasing cleaning products; that and cost. Professional cleaning products provide high performing cleaning power, often requiring less product for deep cleaning action. An investment into highly effective products which deliver on degreasing, cleaning, and sanitising is well worth the money. Due to less product being necessary to achieve outstanding results, overall costs are saved in the long-run. 
Furthermore, cost and effectiveness is a particularly significant consideration when purchasing industrial cleaning solutions in bulk. For example, Eco-point’s Stand Cleaner EP1049 is effective when used at 2% to clean oil spills or hydrocarbon contamination, and cuts costs when used for large scale applications, such as at airports. Similarly, our professional One2Clean Automatic Dispenser is a great value soap dispenser, offering up to 85% savings in costs due to its effective cleaning action and lack of wastage, thanks to its professional design.  


Environmentally responsible cleaning

Professional cleaning products offer industry leading solutions in terms of environmental sustainability. Firstly, a high level of effectiveness means less product wastage, which in turn translates to fewer wasted resources. Secondly, professional, eco-friendly chemicals are less harmful to the environment due to their formulations, such as Eco-Point’s SuperClean EP50, a water-based, biodegradable and phosphate free, eco-friendly chemical product.
Another issue the industry faces with sustainability is the use of single use plastics. To reduce the amount of micro plastics entering the eco-system, professional cleaning products often offer micro-plastic-free products, like our Muck Off! Scrub 602 wipes, which also are packaged in a resealable container to prevent wastage.

Innovative cleaning solutions

When designing and manufacturing professional cleaning products, innovation is key, not only for keeping ahead of the game, but also to provide industry leading specialist chemicals. Professional cleaning products serve a range of industries, from airports to manufacturing, food to engineering. The wide ranging customers that professional chemicals are suited to mean that manufacturers and laboratories need to meet client specifications with highly unique solutions and innovations.
At Eco-Point, we have the resources and expertise to innovate tailored, or even multipurpose, cleaning products, and this is backed by continuous research, development and years of experience.

Quality controlled cleaning

When you choose professional cleaning products for your business, you can rest assured knowing that quality control is a substantial part of the design and manufacturing process. Professional products aim for ISO9001 accreditation and must adhere to a rigorous quality control process. This involves using meticulously selected raw materials and reliable suppliers in the first stages, followed by a careful manufacturing process, working batch by batch. Unique batch numbers ensure traceability, and keeping samples and quality control data is another important part of ensuring quality standards are kept high. Consistent, rigorous standards such as these mean that professional cleaning products can be sent to you defect free and of the highest quality.
To find out more about Eco-Point’s range of professional cleaning products and how we can help you with tailored or more general cleaning solutions, call us on  +44(0)14 9479 2803 or fill out a contact form, and a member of our team will be able to assist you in finding the solutions you need.