Blaysil Free 5110 Mould Release Agent

Silicone-free wax pattern mould release

Blaysil Free is an aerosol format non-silicone release agent specifically designed for the investment casting industry. Easy and efficient to use, it’s fully synthetic makeup quickly provides the perfect laydown for a high quality casting finish.

    • No tacky slippery residues on machines and floors. A safer working environment.
    • Optimised viscosity and laydown creates a superior surface finish to silicone
    • Oil free. Perfect for post-injection glue wax operations
    • Don’t require an etch? Straight from injection to prime coat – no delays
    • Compatible with Trisol 60 Plus for the perfect finished product
    • Virtually zero ash content (trace) for cost-effective wax reclaim
    • Comes packed in a convenient 400ml aerosol format. Perfect for difficult-to-access complex   patterns
    • Will not compromise post-casting paint applications due to silicone contamination


Method of Use



Mould Release
No need to shake can, ready to use.
Apply a light coating to all areas of the die. More than one light coating will create a better finish than one heavy coating. Avoid over-application.
Apply evenly from a distance of approximately 20cm.
Reapply as necessary.
No rinsing required.
Appearance                    Clear liquid
Kinematic viscosity         18-110 cSt @ 40C 
Ash content                     Trace
Odour                              Very mild
Density                            1.0
Solubility in water            Miscible

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