Muck Off! Wipes 602.BOX


Muck Off! Wipes are heavy duty hand wipes pre-moistened with a gentle but powerful cleaning solution. Strong enough for use in all types of industry, yet gentle enough for use by catering, hotel and care staff.

Muck Off! Wipes work quickly to loosen, dissolve and absorb dirt and grease while gently removing embedded grime.  Muck Off! Wipes can be used without water and will also clean all types of plastics, metals, tools and equipment etc.

Muck Off! Wipes dry quickly with no sticky residues, leaving hands that are clean and a pleasant fragrance.

Waterless hand wipes, ideal for off-site use.


    Method of Use



    Heavy duty hand wipes
    Priming the tub 
    Remove lid. 
    Pull towels up from centre of the roll. 
    Twisting Muck Off! Wipes into a point, thread through X opening in lid. 
    Pull up Muck Off! Wipes by one inch and replace lid. 

    On-going use 
    Pull up Muck Off! Wipes and snap off along perforation. 
    Open and unfold wipe. 
    Dispose of used wipes responsibly. 
    Reseal container when not in use to ensure moisture retention. 
    Format Plastic tub 
    Wipe 250 x 270mm, white 
    Media Hand soap with light fragrance

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