Here at Eco-Point, we believe in effective, yet environmentally conscious, cleaning choices. This article aims to offer a guide on maintaining the cleanliness of your business’s flooring in a manageable and safe manner, maximising employee safety and minimising effort.

Floor cleaning for hardwood

Hardwood flooring, although very visually appealing, can require more attention and TLC than other commercial floorings. To preserve its integrity, hardwood floor cleaning needs to involve the correct products that will effectively clean, yet protect.

In a commercial setting where the floor experiences a high volume of traffic, merely vacuuming and mopping will not provide an effective level of cleaning. A scrubber-dryer machine can be used for hardwood flooring in the workplace – not only will this vacuum, mop and dry the floor in one sweep, it will largely reduce the time and effort invested into floor cleaning.

To maintain the warmth and condition of the hardwood flooring, resealing will be required every few years, dependant on the traffic of the commercial setting.

Floor cleaning for tiles

Commonly used in commercial spaces such as restaurant kitchens, hotel bathrooms and reception areas due to their consistently high volume of traffic, tiling is considerably easier to maintain than other flooring materials.
It is important to prep tiling for floor cleaning, ensuring a smooth surface for product to work effectively. Begin by thoroughly sweeping and vacuuming the tile surface to remove as much debris as possible. Although tile is highly durable, care must still be taken for its integrity by avoiding abrasive cleansing products.

Eco-Point’s Ecotense 857 Low Hazard Floor Cleaner is the perfect solution; a blend of powerful surfactants, this floor cleaner works quickly and effectively. A low foaming mixture, this cleaner is able to be rinsed swiftly, thus reducing downtime and increasing workplace safety.

Floor cleaning for laminate

Laminate flooring is highly convenient in a commercial setting, providing various aesthetic options with little maintenance required. However, there are certain floor cleaning methods you should follow in order to prolong the life of a laminate floor, whilst still ensuring it is disinfected properly:

- Use gentle cleaning techniques to prevent damage and scratches
- Cleanse with a microfiber cloth with a non-abrasive cleaning solution
- Limit moisture – laminate should not get too wet or it will warp over time (Ecotense 857 reduces drying time of hard flooring)

When cleaning hardwood flooring, whether its laminate, hardwood or tiling, it is crucial to section off any wet areas until they are fully dry. Slips and trips account for the most common cause of injury in the workplace in the UK. Find out more here.

Floor cleaning for carpet

More commonly used in office settings, carpet can provide comfort and a welcoming aesthetic, but prove more difficult when attempting to maintain its cleanliness.

With proper routine care and attention, your business can maintain a professional appearance, whilst providing a hygienic environment for employees.

For best results, hot water extraction, infused with a gentle carpet cleaning solution, will lift grime and tough stains – ideal for high traffic commercial areas. Water is injected into the carpet fibres and loosened, and subsequently pulled back out. The carpet should be pre-treated with a floor cleaning solution designed for carpets, and extracted with an alkaline solution.

Heavy traffic areas in commercial settings should warrant a carpet cleaning twice monthly, to ensure maximum cleanliness and protection from outside contaminants.

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