The big question: Why should hospitals choose eco-friendly cleaning products, rather than stay with the products they know and trust?

Hospitals, and all places of work and care, have a responsibility and legal duty to ensure their premises and equipment are clean and safe for staff and members of the public. Eco-friendly cleaning products deliver on safety and effectiveness, while also offering the additional benefit of being less harmful to the environment than traditional, harsh products.
Thousands of chemicals in cleaning products have not been fully tested for safety, and they may also pollute water systems, enter the food chain, and have carcinogenic effects. Surely these are reasons to look for effective alternatives, particularly in industries where cleaning products are used at such high frequency?



Effective/high quality?

An understandable concern when changing an organisation’s cleaning products is the quality factor. How well will the new products perform? Is it worth making the change and risking disappointment?
At Eco-Point, however, we are ISO 9001 certified, meaning that we have the internationally recognised standard for quality management. This involves our rigorous quality control process, where we select our raw materials from accredited suppliers, carefully make each batch and assign unique numbers for traceability, and have our qualified chemists test each batch before filling containers.


Recommended eco-friendly cleaning products


Surface Cleaning

Fomite transmission of illnesses, such as Norovirus, is something which is a particular risk in hospitals, where surfaces are easily contaminated and patients often have an elevated degree of vulnerability to infection. This makes effective and frequent surface cleaning in hospitals all the more important!
Wipes are a practical way to keep on top of surface cleaning and spot cleaning throughout the day, and our Muck Off! Wipes are gentle, but powerful, leaving no sticky residues behind. Cleaning should always be followed by disinfecting, and Multifresh is an eco-friendly, multipurpose cleaner and sanitiser, which boasts HIV, Hepatitis B and C and MRSA sanitising properties.

Floor cleaning

What do you look for in a hospital floor cleaning product? High performance cleaning? Suitability for both manual and scrubbing machine applications? Quick drying properties? Safety? Ecotense 857 offers all of the above, as well being environmentally friendly! In fact, its semi-aqueous, eco-friendly properties are actually what makes the product safer for use, as well as its quick dry time, reducing the risk of slips and falls amongst both patients and staff. 


Hand cleaning

Hand cleaning is essential in every workplace and place of care, meaning that it’s doubly as important in healthcare settings! Hand cleaning processes need to cover cleaning, sanitising and reconditioning, the latter being particularly important with the high frequency of hand cleaning in hospitals and amongst care staff.
When it comes to hand cleaning, our One2Clean Automatic Dispenser is ideal for hospitals, offering a unique, touch-free, infrared sensor dispenser for optimum hygiene. Additionally, automatic dosing guarantees efficient usage and up to 85% cost savings, in comparison to regular hand wash dispensers.
Hand sanitisers are another essential for hospitals, used by patients, visitors and staff. Because of the frequency of usage required for proper hygiene and disease prevention, hand sanitiser needs to be easily accessible and effective against viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, the common cold and seasonal flu. Gel Guard E is a hand sanitising gel containing 70% ethanol, and meets the requirements of antibacterial tests BS EN 1276:2019 and BS EN 1500:2013 for hand rub products. Gel Guard Aqua is an effective alternative, with alcohol-free, high performance sanitising properties.
The final step to an effective hand cleaning routine in hospitals and care settings is an effective, reconditioning hand cream, such as our Natural Care Hand Reconditioning Cream. Keeping hands moisturised after frequent cleaning is important to reduce and treat dermatitis and other skin conditions which can be exacerbated by exposure to water and cleaning products, even when gentle and eco-friendly.
At Eco-Point, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly cleaning products for hospitals and care settings and our expert team is more than happy to offer advice and recommend the best solutions for your applications! To find out more, please contact us on +44(0)14 9479 2803, or fill out a quick contact form and we’ll be in touch.