Whatever your business needs, finding the right product for your company doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve put together this guide on things to consider when it comes to finding the best glue removal products, covering strength and effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and safety.    

How Strong and Effective is the Glue Remover?

The main factor to consider when looking for a suitable glue removal product is, of course, how well it does its job - after all, what’s the point of using a product that leaves behind sticky adhesive residues? You’ll also want a product which works well for your specific applications, whether that is on plastics, glass, or any other material for that matter.
Eco-Point offers a whole range of strong, fast acting, and highly effective glue removal products, including Digesil 1000 722. This product works quickly to remove uncured and cured polyurethane sealant, adhesives, and other polymers and more. Some multipurpose products tend to not perform as well as specialised products, however that’s not the case with Eco-Point. All of our products are built for purpose, and our adhesive removal solutions perform effectively for a range of applications.

Cost effectiveness of the Glue Remover

Not only do high strength formulations work quickly and remove all residue, they also are more cost effective. Less product is required to achieve the same results as a weaker glue remover. Furthermore, our glue removal products cut back on wastage with gel options suitable for vertical applications. The reduction in wastage due to our strong, effective solutions will, without a doubt, save your business money in the long run.


How Environmentally Friendly is the Glue Remover?

For businesses conscious of their environmental impact, glue removal products ought to have minimal ecological effects. Unfortunately, many products on the market have detrimental effects on the environment, owing to the persistent, mobile, and highly toxic nature of some of the solvents used in adhesive removal products. Halogenated, chlorinated, and aromatic solvents are the main culprits here and they work their way into water and soil systems, harming them in the process. Trichloroethylene is one of the most common contaminants found in groundwater and if the toxic element is not enough to deter its usage, these harmful solvents can remain in the eco-system for decades!
Fortunately, Eco-Point recognises the value eco-friendly adhesive removal products, which is why we even manufacture biodegradable options, like Digesil 1000 722, Digesil 2000 700 catalytic solvent and Digesil FS 706.


How Safe is the Glue Remover?

Safety is paramount within any business, not least a business which handles specialist chemicals. For this reason, businesses will look to source adhesive removal products which will not harm the user upon application. This is particularly important in light of the presence of solvents in these types of products, the low vapour pressure of which can lead to the inhalation of toxic compounds.
The best solution to the issue of safety when it comes to finding a glue removal product for your business is select options which do not contain NMP or NEP. NMP and NEP have repeatedly shown in studies to cause reproductive harm. Furthermore, the presence of high levels of organic solvents can have neurotoxic effects, the risk of which is increased with repeated and prolonged exposure.
Here at Eco-Point, we offer a whole range of effective, safe, and environmentally friendly glue removal products. For additional advice choosing the right product for your business, please fill out our enquiry form. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact our team via telephone at +44(0)14 9479 2803 or email at [email protected].