Degreasers are a form of cleaner designed for a range of industrial, commercial and engineering applications. What makes degreasers stand out from other cleaning solutions is their ability to dissolve and break down those greases, oils, and other contaminants where other solutions would only loosen them. This allows them to be more easily wiped away with minimal effort and potential damage to the items being cleaned, excelling at tackling those tougher challenges that other cleaners struggle to fix.

Applications of Degreaser

Degreasers can be designed for a range of different purposes, though it is most common to see them used in cleaning applications. For example, Ecosol 500 is ideal for cleaning machine parts, tools, metals, bearings, and electrical parts thanks to its excellent degreasing properties. Keeping your machinery clean and free from contaminants that could cause damage and deterioration is vital for supporting quality performance over time and cuts down on maintenance and repair costs. Degreasers specifically designed for heavy-duty equipment are also available.

On the other hand, Easy Off degreasers offer a low hazard way to quickly remove adhesive labels from most surfaces, making it excellent when looking to change decal on vehicles or reorganizing and re-labeling containers or racking.

Degreasers may also be used to remove glue or adhesive residues from tools, floors and other surfaces. Meltasol is designed to quickly and safely remove hot melt residues from machinery, tools, and equipment. This includes ridding external surfaces and floors of tar, glue, and other sticky residues which can build up over time and make surfaces harder to use than necessary.

Which Industries Use Degreaser?

Degreasers are valuable in a wide variety of industries thanks to their potency as cleaning solutions as well as in the other applications we have talked about. Those that can cleanly remove labels are highly useful in airports and adjacent industries such as sea ports and other freight or haulage sectors where they may need to remove stray baggage handling system labels. Degreasers are also used regularly in the transportation sector including trains and trucks, excelling at general vehicle cleaning as well as new vehicle transit coating remover or degreasing and cleaning engines, tires, and other key parts.

Building services and construction projects may also benefit from degreasers which can help when cleaning tools and surfaces. This is more important than just keeping tools and building sites looking slightly tidier, as during the finalizing stages of building projects it is crucial for parts to be fitted properly. For example, a shower tray needs to by fully sealed to stop leaking, so the surface the sealant bonds to must be totally clean of grease and dirt which can get in the way of a full seal. This is where degreasers can become invaluable.

Any industry that requires clean surfaces or the maintenance of heavy or industrial machinery can make use of degreaser. From building sites to commercial kitchens to the transportation sector, degreasers are invaluable. For more information on the roles of degreasers and our wide range of degreasers and other chemical products, get in touch today by completing our enquiry form or contacting us via telephone at +44(0)14 9479 2803 or email at [email protected].