What is Grease Lubricant?

Grease is a semi-solid lubricant, generally consisting of a synthetic oil and a volume of thickening agents. This thickener is what provides the grease lubricants with their ability to adhere to most surfaces, and remain in position despite high temperatures and pressures.

Grease lubricants are relied upon for their ability to withstand high-load conditions and areas that experience water contact and ingress. The corrosive nature of water when in contact with machinery can lead to premature wear, and grease lubricant’s high viscosity makes it the better choice in place of oil lubricants.

Popular in many different industries, Eco-Point Laboratories provides quality, environmentally-conscious grease lubricant solutions for your business.

Different Types of Grease Lubricant

Eco-Point offers three different types of grease lubricants to suit every requirement:
  • Duron Aquashield EP33This high performance, extreme pressure, water displacing grease is the ideal choice for use in high load situations. With its waterproof properties, this grease lubricant provides an excellent foundation as a sealant, proving effective in a wide range of applications, such as bearings and friction plates.
  • Duron Foodmaster Clear 2 EP43This clear, synthetic grease lubricant with PTFE is an entirely food-safe grease, manufactured to be resistant to saltwater and to possess non-melting properties.
  • Duron Multip 2 EP27This lithium grease lubricant is fortified with PTFE, the ideal universal grease. Boasting corrosion inhibitors and water displacing agents, reducing friction and providing excellent sealant properties.

What is Grease Lubricant Used For?

Grease lubricants can be used for a large variety of applications across a wide range of different industries. Its versatile composition enables it to be used in both static and moving machinery, and on equipment exposed to different kinds of atmospheres.

These areas can include:

- Industrial machinery / machinery that operates in extreme conditions
- Worn components
- Automotive maintenance
- Parts that require more frequent lubrication

Grease lubricants are critical to the proper maintenance and performance of equipment and machinery parts. It is required for parts and mechanisms that can be lubricated infrequently, but are able to maintain their position effectively.

Inadequate lubrication can result in accelerated wear and tear, and the eventual failure of machinery. A good quality, substantial grease lubricant, like those manufactured by Eco-Point, will mitigate future financial losses by increasing the longevity of your business’ equipment. Not to mention, well-cared for machinery will inevitably prove safer for its operators, and create a more secure working environment for employees.

How Can Eco-Point Laboratories Help?

Eco-Point are specialists in manufacturing eco-friendly lubricants. If your business requires quality grease lubricant solutions, and is interested in an environmentally sustainable practices, please get in touch with one of our friendly specialists today to discuss your requirements further.

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