Aqueous Cleaner

A step you can take to improving the eco-friendly factor of your cleaning regime is to replace some of your products with a multi-purpose cleaner, like the Multifresh 3238. With grime and germ busting properties, Multifresh 3238 is a must-have in your cleaning regime, replacing floor, wall, bathroom, glass, plastic, mirror and drain cleaning products. This product is also clinically proven to sanitise and kill HIV, Hepatitis B and C and MRSA.

Bioplex 500 EP28 is a good choice for the cleaning of electronic components, gems and other clean room applications and is also suitable for ultrasonic tanks. Any waste product can be discharged down foul drains, subject to usual consent limits, highlighting the non-polluting properties of the product.

An excellent, biodegradable aqueous cleaner for building and decorating services is the Blastersolv and Blastersolv for Paint 856. Blastersolv is a water-based blend of surfactants, semi-aqueous solvents, corrosion inhibitors and alkalinity builders. These properties enable the effective removal of oils, grease, and contaminants in the workplace, working quickly. In action, Blastersolv produces a foam, which is easy to rinse and leaves a clean surface, free of contaminants.

Semi-Aqueous Cleaner

Our semi-aqueous cleaners can be added to your eco-friendly cleaning regime for the removal of graffiti or resin, for example. Remograff Gel 5891 works to remove both oil and water based graffiti, and contains no methylene, methanol or caustic. This is particularly important due to the outside setting this product is used in, so run-off water is safe to wildlife.  

For the cleaning of epoxy resins, try our Oxysol RM218, a safer alternative to chlorinated solvents for people, animals, and the environment. Chlorinated solvents contribute to ozone depletion and contain suspected carcinogenic properties, which Eco-Point has eliminated with our safer alternative.


A great choice for descaling food machinery, add the Mega Plus 254 to your eco-friendly cleaning routine. Biodegradable natural and inorganic acids, this quick acting product is suitable for use on all metal types and is safe for stainless steel food machinery, with non-fuming and low odour characteristics. Mega Plus 254 is safe in food preparation areas and safe for the environment.

Silcone, Polymer & Adhesive Removal

Our Digesil® range provides safer, eco-friendly cleaning solutions compared to silicone, polymer, and adhesive material. Add Digesil® 1000 722 to your eco-friendly cleaning regime for manufacturing uses, and quickly dissolve acrylic sealants, partially cured polysulphide sealants and de-bond hot melt butyl. This product also ticks the biodegradable box, meaning no damage to land or water systems when disposed of properly. Digesil® 1000 722 also contains no NMP, NEP, BLO or orange terpenes.
For effective debonding of silicone sealants and rubbers, we recommend the Digesil Debond Mil 796, a highly effective gel, both low hazard and non-VOC.


Our Muck Off! Scrub 602 wipes are a great alternative to normal cleaning wipes in your eco-friendly cleaning regime. Forget harsh wipes containing plastic micro particles. Muck Off! Scrub 602 wipes are gentle enough to be used in catering, hotel, and care settings, but powerful enough for scrubbing in industrial settings too. Dried out wipes are unfortunately commonplace with other brands, due to non-resealing packaging, however our wipes come in a re-sealable container. This ensures longevity, as the pre-moistened wipes are sure to stay fresh, therefore reducing unnecessary waste.

Hand Care

Eco-Point’s One2Clean Automatic Dispenser is a great value and sustainable soap dispenser, utilising an automatic infrared sensor to provide hygienic hand cleaning and avoid wastage or spillages of the product. As well as up to 85% cost savings with reduced wastage guaranteed by this product, the reduction of waste means fewer wasted resources and therefore a more environmentally sustainable addition to your cleaning regime, when compared with traditional soap dispensers.
For additional advice on how to build or add to your eco-friendly cleaning regime with Eco-Point, please fill out our enquiry form. Alternatively don’t hesitate to contact our team via telephone on +44(0)14 9479 2803 or email [email protected].